The requirement for computational chemist in pharmaceutical company.

I am always interested in drug design with computational simulation. After going through the limited results from Glassdoor about this, I find the following skills that are essential for the position in a pharmaceutical company (Novartis, J&J, Pfizer).

  1. Written and oral communication skill.
  2. Work with cross-disciplinary teams (Medicinal chemists, Biologists, Computational scientists, Bioassay).
  3. Familiar with drug discovery programs (lead generation, lead optimizatoin, molecular target assessment, HTS triage, library design and evaluation, QSAR analysis, AMDET modeling, ligand-based drug design, pharmacophore modeling, lead hopping, homology modeling, MD/QM simulation, virtual screening, molecular docking, silico modeling).
  4. Software: Schrodinger suite, Accelrys Pipeline Pilot, SpotFire, MOE, ChemAxon, OpenEye.
  5. Linux/Unix (automation script).
  6. Programming.
  7. Strong record of scientific accomplishments.
  8. Management skill.

Payment is around $100,000/y. Work/life balance depends on the position.

Work hard to gain it!

The webpage of Scott Wildman’s Lab has a introduction about major procedures of drug design.


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