Install AMBERTOOLS14 in Ubuntu 14.10 64bit.

It should be easy as the manual introduced. But I still got error “AMBERTHOME is not set!”, this did not make sense, since I was sure I set the variable. Then I found it’s caused by sudo make install. The variable set could not pass to root. So the easiest way to install AMBERTOOLS14 is compiling the code as a root. So the entire installment is below.

sudo -i  # then input the password to log in as a root.

tar xvjf AmberTools14.tar.bz2

cd amber14

export AMBERHOME=`pwd`

apt-get install csh flex gfortran g++ xorg-dev zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev patch python-tk python-matplotlib

./configure -noX11 gnu # I do not use xleap

make install

make test


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