Set up my own test HPCC with Virtualbox. Part 1. Install a frontend and two nodes.

I am very interested in HPCC. So after using HPCC in the university for two years, I am trying to built my own HPCC with Virtualbox. Just for fun : )

This blog is about how to build the frontend and two more nodes. Since my laptop has four cores and eight threading. I am capable to test this. I will build more nodes later when I am familiar with building a HPCC.

I use Rocks Cluster 6.1.1 which is based on CentOS 6.5. CentOS 6.5 is also the system in the university HPCC. Rocks Cluster makes building HPCC much easier. The ISO file is downloaded from

I mainly followed the instruction from I have some difference with the tutorial.

1. I do not have enough memory. I set frontend 1GB memory and 1 threading. The two nodes have 512MB memory and 1 threading. Since the memory is low, you can only see a text interface when you install the system on nodes. But for the frontend, you can see graphic interface.

2. I changed DNS server to the one used in the university rather than 192.168.*.* in the tutorial.

3. The Virtualbox version is 5.0. My laptop is Ubuntu 15.04.

After the installment and you can see the nodes in Ganglia as the tutorial shows.

Then I set the port forwarding in the Setting of frontend for the NAT network. I chose 2222 from host and 22 for guest. This is not tricky, but sometimes it didn’t work. So I reinstalled Virtualbox as well as the frontend for several times : (

After all of this, I can ssh from anywhere in the world to visit my HPCC by the following command.

ssh -t user@host_ip ‘ssh -p 2222 root@127.1’


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