Set up my own test HPCC with Virtualbox. Part 2. Install Torque PBS scheduler.

The UARK HPCC used Torque as the scheduler. I am trying to mimic this. The tutorial on Internet to install Torque are all tricky for me. Rocks cluster can do this in much easier way.

I chose 6.1.1 edition. It has many rolls to install corresponding functions. Torque rolls can be downloaded from I put it in /root/ISO/. And then use the following commands to install the roll. (Citation:

cd /export/rocks/install
rocks add roll /root/ISO/torque-6.0.0-1.x86_64.disk1.iso
rocks enable roll torque
rocks create distro
rocks run roll torque | sh

Then you can use qstat or showq to see if it works.

I have two nodes and one frontend. I am planning to make the two nodes as one queue. But I haven’t find any tutorial about this. I will update that soon.


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