Qualified leader in my mind.

I worked as project manager and department director previously. I have experienced confused, existing, awkward, embarrassed, upset, depressed during my career growth. I have to say I am not talented to be a leader. But sometimes leaders need to behave properly at that position. I feel very lucky that I have met one, a really great boss who taught me how to be a leader.

Good leaders are hard to meet but they do exist. Be positive to find yours!

Different leaders have varying concepts about management. Some may focus on the profit of company (sad). Some pay more attention to the benefit of employees (lucky). And some just enjoy the feeling to bully subordinates (tragedy). Leaders have right to be take higher benefit than ordinary employees, they should also take the heavier responsibility.

The qualified leader in my mind should have following characteristic.

  1. Give detailed instruction when subordinates need guidance, help them to improve capability and be confident. Employees are not simply “parts” of the company. They are people, they have feelings. By improving employees’ abilities to promote the whole group is win-win.
  2. Give a clear objective. I hate work without aims. And the leaders always change their ideas are also annoying. The leader should have a clear figure of the project, has budgets and exact plans for expected events and accidents.
  3. Supply Good work/life balance. Work is only part of life. People need take a rest and relax. And then work better. Those leader who are mean and push their subordinates to keep working are nightmares.
  4. Accept success and failure. We can not be successful all the time. The project may be fail sometimes. These might cause the lost of money and reputation. It doesn’t matter. Learn the right way to do is the most important. The leader should accept failure and give their subordinates and themselves chance to improve. Never, Never pass the bunk to subordinates.
  5. Be fair. People who pay more should earn more. People make mistake should get punishment according to the condition.
  6. Do what they said. Some leaders are really sucks. They promise something but never do that. Get rid of them ASAP.
  7. Good at giving control. Give rights to subordinate and make them be charge of things. Meanwhile, kept control of the whole progress. Supervising is also important! Control freak leaders who want to know every detail are the most stupid.
  8. Open-minded. Open to suggestions from subordinate. Be good at find values of employee and help them to get better career. Every employee of a leader would be his/her potential extension in the society.
  9. Have board experience to be able to give advise to subordinate. It’s hard to communicate with boss lack of knowledge of certain project. And they can not give an effect guidance. And worse, they will be the key to postpone the progress of project.

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