Plot data and its distribution in one figure with GNUPLOT


The above figure is what I want. Left figure gives the data (X versus Y). The right figure demonstrates the distribution of data. I have seen this in one paper of Dr. Akio Kitao (Tokyo University). I think it’s pretty good to gave two different information.

In GNUPLOT, you need “multiplot” and “at screen” command to finish this. It’s easy to understand the code below.

set terminal pngcairo
set output "data_and_distribution.png"
set multiplot layout 1,2 title "Data and distribution"
set tmargin 1
set grid
set xrange [0:110]
set yr [0:50]
set xlabel "X"
set ylabel "Y"
set ytics
set ytics nomirror
set ytics 10
set rmargin at screen 0.7

p '1.dat' w l noti,'' w p noti

set grid
set xr [0:*]
set yrange [0:50]
unset yl
set xlabel "%"
set xtics 5
set format y ""
set lmargin at screen 0.7
set rmargin at screen 0.95

p '2.dat' u 2:1 w l noti, '' u 2:1 w p noti

unset multiplot

set output

1.dat contains data of left figure. 2.dat contains information for right figure. Parts of files are shown as examples.


0       2
20      1
22      1
23      1
24      1
26      1
29      1
30      3

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