Change VMD Movie Maker Default Setting.

I use it every week to make gif animation and show them in the group meeting. But the default setting is not proper for me. I use an iMac. The default working directory is lkjadfljaslkfjlasdfjlsadfdd……. (which is the system variable $TEMPDIR). The default animation format is MPEG-1. The default movement of molecules is Rock and Roll.


What I want is GIF, rotation along y axis and a specific working directory. If you need to generate tons of animation and sometimes VMD crashed, the repeatable setting will make me crazy.


Let’s work on this. The file is /Applications/VMD

The first thing I change is the working directory in Line 63, delete frames and write to your specific directory. And delete line 130 to 147, this part will find a working directory according to different system.


The second thing is to change the movement of molecules. In line 67, change rockandroll to rotation.


The third thing is to change the animation format. In line 80, change ppmtompeg to imgif.


That’s all.




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